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There's a reason people say motor oil is like water to your body. Like how water lubricates our bloodstream, motor oil does the exact function to the engine - to lubricate the enginer to avoid excessive friction and heat so that your engine runs smoothly. 

As a car owner, it is important that you take note of the few things below so that your engine runs to the best of its ability. 

- Change your motor oil frequently, in general, motor oil should be changed every 10,000KM. 

- Age of your motor oil will make a difference! The longer the motor oil sits in your engine, the faster the qualities deteriorate.

- Contaminated or polluted motor oil will affect the ability to lubricate your engine.

- Changing your motor oil is a way of protecting your engine, it will in turn increase the life span and performance of your engine. 

- Always check your owner's manual to look for best motor oil for your vehicle. 

- There are multi grades of motor oil out there - know how to differentiate them.

These are the most common motor oil found in the market:-

FULLY SYNTHETIC OILS - This is the most expensive type of oil, but provide the best protection for your engine. They resist extreme temperatures and provide even lubrication throughout engine components. Their added protection may save you money in repair costs down the road. Some cars require fully synthetic oil, so be sure to check your owner's manual.

SEMI SYNTHETIC OILS - a moderately priced compromise between strictly fully synthetic or petroleum-based oils. They provide increased protection for your vehicle for a marginal increase in price.

PETROLEUM BASED OILS - cost effective, and meet most manufacturers' basic requirements.

Look for the API donut and the two letter code behind the bottle. If the label states API "SN", its motor oil is made for use in cars built after 2011. The below is an Engine Oil Classification Table.

Motor Oil.jpg

The label also includes information on the viscosity grade. The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) defines a numerical system for grading motor oils according to viscosity. The suffixes (0, 5, 10, 15 and 25) followed by the letter "W" designate the engine oil's "winter" grade. 

The right product makes all the difference. NF Auto Parts carries Blitz Racing Oil and Enzoil Motor Oil to ensure your engine has a lasting life. 

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Shock Absorbers explained - Learn when to replace them


Shock absorber is part of the braking and suspension system. The three components must be kept in perfect condition to ensure a smooth and safe driving experience. Essentially, shock absorber has two main functions - to control the movement of your spring & suspension and to keep your tyres on the ground at all time. 

Keeping your wiper blade in top shape is one of the most crucial steps in ensuring you have a safe and pleasant ride during rainy days.

Like all consumables, wiper blade can wear out overtime. So it is important to identify the right timing to replace your wiper blade. 

Wiper blade wearing out

In a tropical country like Malaysia, wiper blade is exposed to the sun, wind or rain almost every other minute, causing the condition of the wiper blade to deteriorate almost immediately after it is installed to your vehicle.

Ultraviolet light, and ozone can cause major damage to the rubber while waxes, sand, mud, oil, salt and dust can exhaust the rubber at a rapid speed.