Shock Absorbers explained - Learn when to replace them


Shock absorber is part of the braking and suspension system. The three components must be kept in perfect condition to ensure a smooth and safe driving experience. Essentially, shock absorber has two main functions - to control the movement of your spring & suspension and to keep your tyres on the ground at all time. 

It is recommended by most shock absorber manufacturers to replace your shock absorbers after 50,000KM, however, knowing the symptoms of a worn out absorber is crucial as vehicles driving on a different surface and condition will sometimes speed up the process of wearing out. 

Symptoms of worn out shock absorbers:-

  • Vehicle becomes unstable upon driving - example such as excessive roll during cornering, nose drive during braking, hitting the bump hard and appears to be out of control at certain speed.
  • Vehicle continues to bounce after you push on the bonnet.
  • Squeeking or unfamilliar sound from the shocks, when driving.
  • External damage on the shocks such as oil leakage, rod bending, damaged bushes washers, and etc.

Replace your shock absorbers immediately if any of these symptoms appear. Worn out shock absorbers are known to have the below causes:-

  • Excessive shaking and bouncing on an uneven road.
  • Unstable ride at high speed.
  • Excessive pitching action.
  • Excessive nose dive and squat during acceleration and braking causing the vehicle to have a longer braking distance.
  • Bad fuel consumption.

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