Keeping your wiper blade in top shape is one of the most crucial steps in ensuring you have a safe and pleasant ride during rainy days.

Like all consumables, wiper blade can wear out overtime. So it is important to identify the right timing to replace your wiper blade. 

Wiper blade wearing out

In a tropical country like Malaysia, wiper blade is exposed to the sun, wind or rain almost every other minute, causing the condition of the wiper blade to deteriorate almost immediately after it is installed to your vehicle.

Ultraviolet light, and ozone can cause major damage to the rubber while waxes, sand, mud, oil, salt and dust can exhaust the rubber at a rapid speed. 

Conditions of damaged wiper

Visible Damage - Splitting, cracking, corrossion, deformation, foreign matter buildup and discoloration

Audible Damage - Noise with blade vibration, chattering and screeching

Other Damage - Hardering of rubber and loose rivets

These conditions can cause "smear", "streaking", and "jumping" on your windscreen.

Wiper blade useful life

Wiper blades are known to have useful life of one year. It is recommended that you change your wiper blade at least once a year.

Replacing your wiper blade: DIY!

1. Lift the wiper assembly off the windshield and locate the end with a fastening clip.
2. Compress the wiper blade refill clip and pull the wiper blade refill lengthwise out of the wiper assembly.
3. Insert the new wiper blade into wiper assembly.
4. Secure the fastening clip and push the clip in the last wiper assembly mount until it clicks into place.
5. Clean the wiper blade with a clean cloth before placing the wiper blade on the windscreen.
6. Test the system operation and ensure the wiper blade is working fine. 

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