Koito 12V 21W (Amber) Auto Lamp Bulbs (2pcs)

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Koito 12V 21W (Amber) Auto Lamp Bulbs (1 Piece) - KP/1870A
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Voltage 12V
For Car Lamp Stop lights, Fog lights, 
Reverse light, Side Signals,
Warning lights
Wattage 21W
Power 12V 21W


Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Koito) is a manufacturer and distributor of automotive lighting equipment, aircraftparts, 
railroad car equipment, electronic equipment and other related products. Its principal products include variouslamps, 
indicators, halogen bulbs, road traffic control systems, LED displays, electronic aircraft components, hydraulic equipmentand 
aircraft seats. Koito also provides environmental control systems, finance and insurance services. The company through its 
subsidiaries and affiliates operates in the US, the UK, Belgium, Crech, China, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Brazil,Mexico, Spain, 
turkey, Italy, Australia, Philippines, South Africa, Malaysia and pakistan. Koito is headquartered in Tokyo, japan.