Denso Disc Horn

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Denso Disc Horn
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Denso Disc Horn
Horns are broadly classified as electric type or air type horns.
Electric type horns are compact and efficient, and thus are used widely in ordinary passenger cars. 


•  Electric horns can be divided by timbre into two types: the flat horn with a sharp and stimulating sound, and the trumpet shaped horn with a softer sound. Because electric horns are not actuated externally, but instead adopt a mechanical self-excited vibration system, they excel in cost and are widely used.

Electric horns are constructed of a diaphragm that generates sound, an armature (moving attraction part) connected to the diaphragm, a coil to generate the driving force, and a point (contact) that controls the flow of current through the coil. In addition, flat horns also have a vibrator that uses resonance to amplify sound, while trumpet horns use a trumpet to amplify sound in the same way.