TRW Brake Pump For Nissan C22 (Rear)

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TRW tops benchmark tests for wheel pumps
In a benchmark study testing the durability of TRW's wheel pumps against two leading competitors, TRW came out on top with a lifespan average of over one million cycles, 16% more than the nearest competitor.

In further tests of contamination and end of line controls, the results included: 
  • contamination of aluminium particles in the sealing area by competitor 1 and steel particles by competitor 2
  • seals either missing completey from competitor wheel pumps or seals fitted the wrong way round

3 year guarantee
TRW are so confident in the quality and testing of our wheel pumps that we offer a 3 year or 100,000 km guarantee instead of the legally required 2 years.

100% end of line testing
TRW conduct 100% end of line pneumatic testing with complete accuracy assured by sensors within a resolution of 1,000,000. The test is conducted using the manometric method, which by employing absolute pressure decrease is reliable, repetitive and safe.

OE specification seals
  • All TRW rubber components have to fulfill the following OE acceptance criteria:
  • High Tensile and Tear strength
  • Low compression set (20% max)
  • High resistance to ageing in air at high temperature (150 - 200°C)
  • High resistance to brake fluid at high temperature (4 weeks at 150°C)

No.1 in TecDoc application coverage
There are more than 650 references in the TRW wheel pump range making TRW number 1 in TecDoc wheel pump parc coverage.

TRW wheel pumps with PCRVi fulfill the highest technical standard in order to reliably reduce the brake pressure build up at the rear brake. If the valve fails, the rear axle may lock, and drivers may lose control of the car.

Aluminium wheel cylinders
TRW also offer aluminium wheel pumps including aluminium pistons. Housings and pistons are anodized providing a corrosion resistant and wear-resistant surface. Competitors often have cheaper steel pistons that are at risk of corrosion if not surface-treated.

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About TRW Automotive
It became an independent automotive organization in 2003, and began trading on the New York Stock Exchange in 2004.

At its beginning, TRW and its founding companies developed a vast array of products for the fledgling auto industry. These included fasteners and cap screw technology that was eventually adapted to create the first two-piece engine valve, as well as wooden wheels for Henry Ford's Model T in North America, and lighting and other electrical products in Europe.

TRW Automotive is a global leader in automotive safety, producing one of the largest arrays of active and passive safety technologies. It continues to be at the forefront of developments in vehicle dynamics, driver assist systems, foundation brakes, inflatable restraints, seat belt technologies and the electronics and software advancements that will enhance the safety, convenience and comfort of tomorrow's vehicles.