Professional Battery Tester FY54A

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Ideal for cars, vans, RVs and farm vehicles
Test condition of 6V/12V lead acid batteries
Compact & portable, ideal for garages & fleet users
Strong yet light weight steel construction with integrated handle & clamp holders
Testing can be done with engine running on most vehicles
Heavy duty insulated clamps
Easy and safe to use, no sparking
Battery Tester FY54A is portable battery tester which can check the capacity condition of different specifications of the car battery & battery for other appliances The "Full", "Normal", "Recharge", "Discharged" are directly indicated on the meter dial, so as to check the quality of the battery visually and rapidly.

The tester can also check the quality of various type of electric switch, such as headlamp switch, tail-lamp switch, relay switch, starting switch, etc.

Technical Data        
Rated Voltage of Battery Tested : 2,6,12v
Rated Capacity of Battery Tested : 2-200 ampere hour
Dimension : 210 x 124 x 68 mm