Professional Battery Tester FY64

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Ideal for cars, vans, RVs and farm vehicles
Test condition of 6V/12V lead acid batteries
Compact & portable, ideal for garages & fleet users
Strong yet light weight steel construction with integrated handle & clamp holders
Testing can be done with engine running on most vehicles
Heavy duty insulated clamps
Easy and safe to use, no sparking

Battery Tester FY64 is a kind of portable instrument used to test batteries for determining their capacity state which is divided into three sections, namely, the "consumed", "Recharge" & "Normal". All these are directly and speedily shown through direct perception on the graduated disc to judge the quality of a battery. In addition this instrument can also check whether the charging system is in good or bad condition.
Technical Data        
Rated Voltage of Battery Tested : 6V,12V
Rated Capacity of Battery Tested : 300-500 ampere hour
Type of indication : 3 sections which is Red, Yellow & Green to show the "consumed", "Recharge" & "Normal" state respectively.
Way of testing : manual instantaneous contact type. Each measurement should be done within 10 seconds.
Precisions : 2.0 level
Measuring limit : 0-16V
Weight : About 1.2kg